erin nations

Erin has been a part of No Bones since the beginning and is returning for year four! She shared her huggable monsters year one, gave us Bigfood vs Hound Dog year two, and delighted us last year with her woodland creatures. We’re excited to see what she does this year with her unmistakable unique style.


Artist Bio

Erin was born in the summer of ’82, in St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of eight, she acquired an interest in art, primarily in cartoons and illustration. Today, her influences include a combination of design, hand drawn typography, alternative comics, and underground contemporary art and illustration. Her work, which has been described as cute and charming, often depicts characters with rectangular features and simple and stylized imagery.

She studied design at Southern Oregon University, where she received a BA in 2006. A year after graduation, she moved to Portland and began showing her work locally. In addition, she has also taken children and comic book classes at PNCA. In 2013, she was accepted into the summer semester of the Comics/Graphic Novels Certificate Program and the IPRC.

Erin spends most her time at her drafting table, where she listens to podcasts, creates gouache paintings, and works on her comic, Twins-Triplet. Often, she is accompanied by her feline assistant, Moose.

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