Janessa Bork

Well-versed in the Portland art community, Janessa comes to us as a first-time artist for No Bones. Her work is intricate and detail-oriented, with a focus on organic shapes and nature-inspired themes. We’re thrilled to have her on the team!


Artist Bio

Janessa Bork received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from PNCA, with a major in Illustration. She has been an Oregonian most of her life, but did spend her childhood years in the wilderness of Southwest Montana. Janessa currently lives and creates beautiful artwork in Portland.

Many of her inspirations and creative habits have come from her lifestyle and surroundings. Janessas’ Fine Art, Illustration, Fashion Design, and Print ideas are all influenced by the flora and fauna we are surrounded by. She grew up in the wilderness, her passion is in snowboarding, and being surrounded and involved in the mountains, where she is engulfed by the beauty of a large and vast atmosphere. A lot of her ideas are driven from the passion of lifestyles that are connected to the outdoors and the fashion of the seasons that drive them.

The motivating force behind any painting she creates is exposed through colors that remind her of a feeling or memory, the reflective animal symbolism, and the environmental aura empowered by the subject. She uses a mix of wet mediums to create her detailed, bright and colorful compositions. Her work is meant to inspire, influence, and connect the viewer to the outer beauty of our world that we cannot alway witness and be engulfed by everyday. Janessas artwork shows the co-existance between fashion and how we use the natural world in art and design to express our energy, appearance, passions, and lifestyle.

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