Jess Gleasman

We are excited to welcome Jess back for his fourth year as No Bones artist! Jess is one of the best screenprinters we know and we’re always blown away by the subtle texture that comes through with his pieces. He owns his own screenprinting shop, Basement Ink, so he’s no stranger to the craft. Need some shirts of your own printed? Email Jess and he’ll set you up!


Artist Bio

Jess was born in Alaska and raised on a small farm in rural eastern Oregon. He transplanted into Ashland where he studied printmaking, among other things. After obtaining a BS in art, Jess opened up an art shop posing as a commercial screen printing shop called Basement Ink. He currently lives in Ashland and prints every day that he’s not out exploring the northwest.

“From Renoir to Rauschenberg , he seems to emulate them all” -Juxtapoz

“Beautifully unbridled chaos, wrapped in a red patent leather bow.” -New York Times

“His hard drive and dedication is only matched by his sheer lack of talent.” -Art Forum

“Jess uses rainbows as color palettes to open your mind to his obscure view on the world. But you don’t have to take my word for it…” -LeVar Burton

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