Heidi Elise Wirz

Heidi is no secret in the Portland art scene, you’ve probably seen her work in galleries and bars all around town. We’re excited that Heidi will be joining us yet again for a third year!

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Artist Bio

When Heidi Elise Wirz is not drawing monster ladies, she is a co-owner at Let’s Go! Screen Printing, mom to an amazing 14 year old illustrator, maker of snacks and part time vigilante. Myths, legends, imagined anthropomorphic shield maidens, and spear wives crawl out of the pages of Heidi Elise Wirz’s latest series of ink paintings and screen prints. Norse, Proto Germanic, Celtic mythologies are combined with Heidi’s often violent and self-exploiting imagination. The women and beasts depicted in this series are: bold, unflinching, powerful, and out for blood.

Check out her interview at last year’s No Bones event below.

Heidi NBFH3 interview by Brett Carlson.

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