Skye McNeill

No Bones For Halftones is happy to welcome Skye McNeill as a first-time artist this year! Skye comes to us with a diverse skillset including but not limited to: illustration,¬†surface pattern design, knowledge of fabrics, packaging, and much much more! Please join us in welcoming Skye — we’re stoked to have her as a featured artist!


Artist Bio

The daughter of two vegetarian martial artists, Skye grew up in the tall grasses of the Iowa River Valley, where she spent hours as a kid building tiny paper cities, painting watercolors and collecting fireflies and garter snakes. After receiving a BA in studio arts from Bard College, she traversed the country to wrangle the west. She lived in Olympia, Seattle, Portland and onboard a large boat moving between Seattle and BC before heading back east to earn an MFA in Graphic Design from MICA. Now fully residing in Portland, she runs a small studio, Hammer & Fox, which focuses on surface design, home products and paper goods. She also works as an apparel graphic designer at Nike’s kids department and as a freelance illustrator, designer and photographer.

Skye’s work is heavily influenced the wilds of nature, folklore and fairy tales, family heritage, surf culture, food politics, environmentalism and pizza. She is an avid baker and cook, photographer, biker and lover of all things kale. She can usually be found plucking old time tunes on banjo and guitar, making tortillas or digging around in the garden. Or at least taking photos of all of the above. A book of her illustrations from the Bunny & Skelly series will be out this fall on Black Ocean press, and illustrations for a book of poems by writer Zachary Schomburg next spring. She loves collaborating, so drop her a line if you have an idea!

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