Tim Root

We are excited to warmly welcome Tim Root as an artist for No Bones For Halftones 4. Famous in the Portland art scene for his witty comics and colorful illustrations, Root works as a not only a barista, but the artistic visionary behind many of Stumptown Coffee’s humorous ads. His artwork is spunky, colorful, quirky and expressive — we can’t wait to see what he’ll submit for the event!


Artist Bio

“More than anything I like hanging with my family; my wife and two daughters are a huge inspiration for me in my life, and that, of course, passes into my art.

It’s difficult at times with a full-time job at Stumptown Coffee and a family to find time for drawing… Luckily I have all this coffee, so I make a pot when they all go to bed, and head out to the studio. Out there I just play records and kinda let my brain… wander, melt, do what ever it needs to rebuild, create new channels of ideas and thoughts, or ways to see.

But a lot of time, buddies just come over and we just drink beer, and bitch, laugh about life while flippin’ records. Hell, sometimes we even draw!

I consider myself very very lucky to have found love and happiness in life and make sure to celebrate every day. Cheers!!!”

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