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Flannery Smith

No Bones For Halftones is excited to welcome Flannery Smith to this year’s event! You can’t miss Flan’s beautifully emotive pencil and paper technique, attention to organic details, and overall expressive, illustrative style. We’re so happy to have her as a featured artist!


Artist Bio

Flannery Smith, a Portland native, is currently a student at Portland State University studying graphic design. In addition to design, she does illustration, printmaking, music, and video work. It all began at the tender age of four, after painting a watercolor lion. She stepped back from the easel, with paintbrush in hand, and claimed she “was already an artist”, followed with the apprehensive question “what do artists do?” and thus was born her life-long quest to figure it out.

Her illustration work is inspired by subtle details and shows the frailty of objects, paying close attention to the contrast between light and shadow.

Her next endeavors are to start learning how to sew clothes (she is a big Project Runway fan) and cut hair professionally.

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