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Joe Trussell

Recent PSU grad Joe Trussell is a first-time artist for No Bones. Joe is known for his geometric patterns, hand-drawn illustrations, and exquisite typography. Welcome to the team, Joe!


Artist Bio

Joe followed a circuitous route to the field of graphic design, having stopped along the way to pick up a degree in Clinical Psychology. No longer focused on drawing stories out of people, Joe enjoys drawing stories for people and is inspired by clean lines and the playful use of geometric forms. Sometimes set on a strict grid, sometimes with ample negative space, sometimes hand-drawn with imperfect edges, Joe’s design work runs the gamut, but in it all he looks for the story, the system, and the lasting experience.

If you happen to find Joe without a computer on his lap, you’ll probably notice a book there in its stead. Joe loves books for both their educational and escapist offerings. He loves how books are designed, inside and out. But most of all, he love how books smell.

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