“Hanging With Friends”


“The idea of two people chilling, with one of them holding a big, ’80s boom box on their lap appealed to me. Naturally, I stuck a sketchbook in the other person’s hand. Hanging out with friends, drawing, and listening to music is my idea of a good time. In a way, I think the foundation of No Bones represents those same elements. Even though it’s a community event, it’s still a bunch of friends just hanging out and making art together.

Often, my work consist of watercolor or gouache, but for this drawing I kept it basic. I drew it in pencil and then drew over it with a micron pen.”

Learn a bit more about Erin over on her artists page.


  • Keep an eye out for the schedule announcement for Erin’s exact time slot during the event!
  • The color and size shown is an estimation. It may change slightly with conversion from screen to ink.