“Death in Portland”


“My artwork for NBFH this year is obviously a riff on the “Portland…” sign, with the addition of what is now a repeat theme of mine, The Grim Reaper. I like to put the Reaper into lighthearted situations because I would like to encourage viewers to laugh at Death, and approach the negative junk that life throws at us all with a return volley of humor, wit, tenacity and just plain absurdity. Why not? It has been said that you only live once, but it also true that you only die once, right? So until The Reaper gets the last laugh, crack up in his ugly, pale, stupid face!”

Learn a bit more about Greg over on his artists page.


  • Keep an eye out for the schedule announcement for Greg’s exact time slot during the event!
  • The color and size shown is an estimation. It may change slightly with conversion from screen to ink.