“Colorado Bound”


“Honestly, I was making a mix cd for an ex gf. I needed to make a nice cover for it, you know to impress her with my craftiness and cleverness. I cut out a square from an old press proof of a print I had abandoned 4 years ago that is the woman’s face. Of course I needed to name the “album” so I found some sticker paper and cut a quote bubble out and wrote the title. I was impressed with the final result so I took a picture. The reflection of the surroundings in the cd cover plastic superimposed over this image looked so nice I decided to say hi to photoshop and see what she could do with it. By making a print, taking a bad photo, putting it on the computer, taking a picture of the picture of the computer screen, and then doing that process a couple of times until the image was destroyed properly, I was almost happy.

well then ol’ Townes Van Zandt came on the jukebox (Pandora) singin about being shattered and goin’ on livin’ and Colorado bound and such. I wrote a few of those lyrics on my whiteboard and let it ferment. Going back to the image, I realized the lyrics would fit perfectly, so I took a picture of that whiteboard and relied on the photoshopping process again. Time travel to a day later, and I had mashed those two images together to get my final. Apply some halftones and a little color and you have a screen print for No Bones.”

that was the long version. The short version is:

“Music, women, heartbreak, and vagabonding dreams.”

Learn even more about Jess over on his artists page.


  • Keep an eye out for the schedule announcement for Jess’ exact time during the event!
  • The color and size shown is an estimation. It may change slightly with conversion from screen to ink.