Interested in learning about screenprinting? Want to hang out with other art enthusiasts? Looking for a way to participate in the Portland art scene?

Email us at volunteers@nobonesforhalftones.com!


Become a part of the No Bones For Halftones volunteer squad!

We’re a family of friends who love art and believe in making it accessible to the community. And we’re going to need all the help we can get to pull off this event. Please let us know your interests with an email and we’ll be in touch!


If you just want to help out with anything and everything, that’s amazing and we can definitely use you! If you’re thinking about something a little more specific, here are the types of jobs we’re looking to fill:


Dryer Masters run the dryers that set the ink. This is one of the most important jobs as it saves the design from smearing and washing out over time. You’ll need good focus and a quick wit about you to make sure each design is baked to perfection! Then you get to be the final hand to deliver the precious cargo back to its owner.


Board Ninjas guide people in the use of boards, or “placards”, while printing. Boards are essential in providing a barrier so ink doesn’t seep through to the back of clothing and helps form a “frame” in which to place the screen print. We need ninjas that can help educate people on proper board placement for optimal printing results.



Gatekeepers are the welcoming committee as well as security. You’ll be the first person that folks will encounter at the door — many will have questions about NBFH right out of the gate so be armed with information about the event and the ability to bounce a fool if necessary.

STUDIO float

Studio Floats are needed to help keep everything moving. You’ll be the support for the Screen Printers and Dryer Masters — helping to clean up ink explosions, stepping in when the dryers get backed up, and being an extra set of hands to make life easier.



While the screenprinting is free, we still want to support our artists by encouraging them to bring additional artwork and merchandise to sell. That’s where the Merch Master comes in! We’ll be setting up a merch table where we’ll need exciting people who can sell buttons with gusto!

Tear down crew

Tear Down Crew helps take signage down and clean up after the show ends. You get that special late night shift. Pick up those stranded cups and sweep the floors. We’ll need the place to look the same way it did before the event started.


All volunteers are asked to be at the volunteer orientation for training and to meet the rest of the NBFH team. The screens  will also be up for printing — this is an opportunity for you to get your stuff printed so you won’t have to miss out during the actual event! Date of orientation to be determined.

If you have questions about volunteering, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us. We are here to help!

Other Opportunities

If you can’t give of your time, you can support us in other ways too! Mention us in your blogs, like us on facebook, tell your friends and get the word out!

We also appreciate donations to help cover our costs to run the event. Every little bit helps!